How to do Simple Inventory (Listaso WMS)

Learn how to do Physical Inventory (Simple Inventory) for your warehouse, with our mobile inventory app.

  1. First, log in to our inventory app
  2. Next, click on Simple Inventory to start
  3. Now you will need to select the warehouse or truck you will be working with
  4. Select the warehouse from the list that pops up
  5. Once the warehouse is selected all items available will be populated on the right side
  6. Now, you can start counting all your warehouse stock by pressing over the quantity box on the right side of each product or if you have a Bluetooth scanner, by scanning the UPC of each product.
  7. You may do as many products as you want on each session.
  8. You will see the number of products you have counted on the top Inventory icon
  9. By pressing on any of the products, more information will appear on the left side of the screen.
  10. To see all the products that have not been inventoried click in the Remaining icon on the top.
  11. If you wish to set all items that have not been counted to “0” or all your warehouse to Zero, press on “Remaining to Zero” on the top right corner
  12. This will add all products that have no been counted or all products (if none have been counted), with a quantity of “0”
  13. Once you are ready to move forward press “Approve” to complete the inventory count or press “Summary” to view all products added and sign for your inventory
  14. Once you are finished you can press “Approve” and you will be sent back to the main screen.
  15. The system will automatically sync your inventory and update your warehouse information.


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