How to Pick Orders (Listaso WMS)

Learn how to pick orders directly from our mobile app following this instructions:

      1. First, you must log in to our Warehouse Management System, Listaso WMS:
      2. Once the system logs in, select “Picking” from the menu:
      3. Here, you will find all your orders that have been approved for picking. You can either set the system to auto-approve orders as they arrive or you can manually approve them in BackOffice
      4. You can select one or multiple orders to pick by pressing on the desired order. Once you select the order you wish to pick , on the left side you will see the full details of the order. If you are ready to continue press pick:
      5. Now you will see all the contents for the selected order. From here you will need to add the necessary items to complete the order. If you need to pass the order to someone else to finish the order you may place the order on hold, once your items are selected press hold:
      6. Once an order is on hold, you will find it in the main picking menu by selecting the filter in the top part of the screen.
      7. Once you select it and press pick, the order will appear with all the items picked from before.
      8. If you would like to complete the order, you must first select the staging location if available
      9. Now, click “Fulfill” at the bottom left corner to complete the picking process.
      10. This will synchronize the information to BackOffice and create the corresponding invoice.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call or email us at:

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