How to view Order History

Within our Order History menu you’ll be able to see past orders from one to twelve months. To enable the option you must do the following:

  1. From the setting menu, click on “History Months”
  2. From here, select whether you wish to download Orders (Recommended for Pre-sales) or Invoices (Recommended for Direct Sales). You will also select how many months should be downloaded.simulator-screen-shot-nov-30-2016-12-39-07-pm
  3. Now, you can go into any customer which has previous orders and click on the Order History icon at the bottom of the screen.simulator-screen-shot-nov-30-2016-12-38-44-pm
  4. If you need to update or change the number of months or settings. You can download the Order History directly from the tools menu of your mobile solution.

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