Manage your B2B Sales and Inventory Anywhere

Our B2B Web Admin BackOffice

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Manage your B2B Sales and Inventory Anywhere

Our B2B Web Admin BackOffice

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No Communication Limits

With BackOffice you’ll be able to manage all your business needs from anywhere in the world. Manage your sales and warehouse teams 24/7.

Working Together

Approve and modify all incoming transactions for immediate processing. Create orders and invoices directly from our web based system. Get all the Customer, Sales and Inventory reports you might ever need.

One on One Customer Service

Personal, one on one customer service! We are proud very of our team and how they are able to help each and everyone of our customers on a personal level. No answering machines, No voicemail, Real people every time!

The Apps You Need

All our apps connected to our central hub. BackOffice. All your orders and invoices in one place. All your inventory management at your fingertips. No need to get multiple providers. We have EVERYTHING your business needs.

Simple Interaction Experience

Happier sales team, happier customers, happier business. Move your company to a mobile platform and give your team and customers better solutions.

The Most Powerful Web Platform.

Say hello to Listaso BackOffice.


We have been hard at work. making sure every little nook and cranny is taken care of. We make sure all the hard work and heavy lifting is done on our side. This way, you can rest assured your business will keep growing.

No more headaches, hassles and most importantly, no more paper orders.

See how your business improves with mobile technology, let us do the heavy lifting!

Listaso BackOffice will give you PEACE OF MIND with our outstanding customer support and cutting edge hassle free technology.

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