B2B Holiday Season

This Holiday Season, make sure all your sales reps,  warehouse, and office are well equipped to handle everything your customers need from them!


B2B Holiday season can be exhausting, for started it’s a very high selling season for B2C customers so it’s twice as hard for B2B Distributors. The Holiday season is the time of year when you need to have your sales team, warehouse and office working together in perfect harmony to make sure all your customers are satisfied and taken care of.


That’s why here at Listaso we want to make sure we do all the heavy lifting for you.  Combining Sales, Inventory and Office into one fully integrated and Mobile and Web system that will help you achieve all your goals, while at the same time help you lower costs and increase your profit margins!

Whether you are using Android or iOS devices with Listaso B2B Sales you will have a real advantage over all your all your competitors.

Let us show you how your business can benefit from our Mobile Catalog Sales App and our Warehouse Management Mobile App

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