Listaso’s B2B Pre-Sales Mobile App

Your B2B Pre-Sales team needs all the help they can get to learn more about their customers, get better sales, and visit more customers while they can!


With Listaso’s B2B Pre-Sales B2B Mobile App your sales team will have useful information to learn the customer’s purchasing habits, in store schedule, product placements and more.


With Listaso’s Product History, your sales team will be able to keep track of your customer’s most purchased items, frequency of purchase and quantities. This will also help your new reps, know in seconds what the customer normally purchases without having to call the office or even ask the customer. This will allow them to analyse what products they can upsell and even see what products the customers has stopped purchasing and ask why.


With our Customer Log Module, they will also be able to add notes to customer profiles for future reference, Log visits in case a sale was not made or any other reason and even take pictures directly from the app to show product placements, shelving, new products the customer is interested in and so on.


We want to make sure all your sales reps have everything they need to be successful.


Whether you are using Android or iOS devices with Listaso B2B Sales you will have a real advantage over all your all your competitors.

Let us show you how your business can benefit from our Mobile Catalog Sales App and our Warehouse Management Mobile App

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