Mobile DSD Sales Rep Management

If your sales team sell directly from their truck, you need to be able to manage multiple warehouse inventories.   Listaso has you covered!

Here are some good practices you can use to ensure your reps have up-to-date information and both your sales team and customers have an easy sales experience:

  • Invoice and Order Creation:
    • Give both your sales reps and customers the opportunity to buy whether the product is available on the truck or not.  Having the option to create an order will allow your reps to sell more even if the product is delivered at a later date.  Giving the customer more options to buy from you is always a plus!
  • Updated Inventory:
    • Make sure your reps have the latest inventory information on their mobile device.   This will guarantee they are always offering what they have in stock at all times and at the same time they will be able to keep track of their most sold and least sold items.
  • Mobile Customer Signature + Printing and Email:
    • It’s always a good idea to provide a hard or digital copy of any transaction made with a customer + giving the customer the chance to sign for the invoice/order to verify it’s 100% correct.
  • Mobile Inventory Transfers
    • Directly from their mobile device they can order product to be loaded to their truck.  Saving the warehouse and your reps a lot of time by having all the inventory ready once they return to the warehouse.

Listaso’s B2B Mobile Sales Catalog DSD App provides everything your sales reps need to sell as much as possible while they are on the road.


More time on the road.  Less time on the office.  More Sales!


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