When paper becomes obsolete

In the business world, paper is still used for all types of information and important documents.  With every technological advance and new generation of products, a very important event occurs that affects all types of industry: The adoption cost goes down.  Which means that it becomes easier to include new technologies that help our business increase sales and lower costs. Continue reading When paper becomes obsolete

Viasql Central is Changing


Viasql Central is changing! Continue reading Viasql Central is Changing

Our Sales Solution is evolving!


Our Sales solution keeps evolving. With every update we add more and better features. Everything your sales team needs to keep them on the edge of technology.

1- For the customer menu, you’ll be able to select quick access features swiping left or right..

2- You will now be able to see the last three purchases from each customer, the amount and price of each product.

3- Quickly find your new and on sale products with the new filter option.
Show what products your customer has never ordered before.

4- Sort your products by name, code or group.

5- You’ll be able to see how many products you have in your shopping cart and the total amount for the order.


The Viasql Team

New Catalog View


We have updated our product search engine. Now you will be able to search and add products to the cart 100% faster. Continue reading New Catalog View

Business Intelligence and Central Remake


headengWe have something to show you! Coming Soon you will be able to see our new system and options that will help your business grow faster. We are always looking for way to improve our service to your company. Your opinion and satisfaction are what’s most important to us.
Continue reading Business Intelligence and Central Remake

More options for your sales team


In Viasql we maintain our app up to date to bring you and your sales team the everything you need. We want to show you the new improvements we have implemented in our mobile sales solution. Continue reading More options for your sales team

Mobile Inventory Solution – How it works…



Our inventory solution reduces the time it takes you to process orders and keeps all your products updated in real time. Continue reading Mobile Inventory Solution – How it works…

Mobile Sales Solution – How it Works…



For everyone at Viasql customer satisfaction is our top priority. Continue reading Mobile Sales Solution – How it Works…