Paperless Warehouse Management

Paper has been a great tool since its invention in 100 BC, China.  It’s probably time to upgrade a few things around the office that use paper.


Paper in any warehouse is an accident waiting to happen!  What I mean is that it does not matter how careful or organized you are, paper as a material y delicate and not very reliable.  Specially against the elements.  That being said, there are easier ways to organize and manage your information.  Easier ways for your warehouse reps to be more productive.  Faster ways to get your inventory up-to-date.

With Listaso Inventory you can have the Perfect Paperless Warehouse.


  • Picking

Have all your orders ready to be picked automatically.  Directly from your sales team on the road, to your warehouse reps.  Item locations, current stock, quantity needed, UPC and even pictures.  Speed up the process even more with a Bluetooth Scanner.


  • Physical Inventory

Do a general count of your full warehouse in half the time and update your inventory in seconds with one sync process.  Do inventory on all your warehouses or trucks, set item locations and even add notes for any inventory differences.


  • Receive from Vendors

Create a PO in our Web Admin BackOffice or directly in your ERP and let your warehouse reps take care of the rest.  Open any PO from your vendors, add or remove items as needed and update your inventory without a single piece of paper.  You can even receive without a PO.


  • Move Inventory

From one warehouse to another, from any warehouse to your trucks or even from truck to truck.  Move items from one location to another immediately without having to print or write.


Everything your warehouse needs in the palm of your hand!


Let us show you how your business can benefit from our Mobile Catalog Sales App and our Warehouse Management Mobile App

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