Trade Show season is upon us!

It probably already started for a lot of industries, but the second half of the year if fill with B2B Trade Shows.  Check out a few tips on how to be well prepared and ready for all your upcoming Shows!

  • Pre-Show Marketing
  • Three weeks to a month before your next show starts you need to be advertising as much as possible. Using social media to get new customers is a must.  Promoting posts through LinkedIn,Instagram, Facebook or any other social media will not only open your business to new customers, but also show existing customers that you are growing and that your business is thriving. Also, make sure you get a head start if you are going to place banners or any other displays throughout the show.  Those tend to go really fast!

  • During the show Marketing
  • Marketing does not stop once the show starts!  This part will be very important for Marketing, Networking and your Sales Team.  There is no such thing as too many business cards, catalogs or even have your catalog in USB devices. Food and drinks.  Talk to as many people as possible walk in or around your booth and showrooms. Your current customers know and love you already.  Your main focus should be to get new customers, referrals and new leads. Everything you did in the pre-show marketing will come to fruition now.

  • Setting up your Booth or Showroom
  • It’s not about size.  It’s about presentation.  Making sure your products are displayed correctly is one of the most important parts.  Related items together, all different colors or flavors available for tasting and/or viewing and everything label.  Your showstoppers must be front and center always to catch the eyes of all potential customers. This is what will get new customers through the door or near your booth.  If you have a showroom remember that your window display will be your main selling point!


  • After the show Marketing

    Once the Trade Show ends you’ll need to get all your information together and within the next 48 hours try and talk with every lead you got.  Hot or Cold. Check their business information, if not by phone check their LinkedIn profile if available. You just need to make sure they remember you, your conversation and your products!

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