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We live in a very busy world.  In any industry whether you are an Owner or Sales Rep we are all very busy and in sales sometimes we just don’t have enough time to visit or talk to every person we need to!


Having more customers to visit in a day, than time to actually visit them is a very good problem to have, but eventually instead of getting more customers we can start to lose them to our competitors or they can just start to lose interest in us.  As a customer if you visit a store and they are normally out of stock on a specific item you will probably either look elsewhere or just stop looking.  As an owner that is a really, really bad thing! You always want to have everything your customers are looking for, because if you don’t, your competitors probably do.


As a salesperson your main job is to keep customers happy and obviously sell as much as possible.  So what happens when it’s just not humanly possible to visit every single customer on your list.  You get the best and most complete customer self serving app you will find, Listaso Lite.

Many of our customers have run into this issue.  Their customers want to order immediately or every other day, they need the product for the same day or they are just too far away to visit often.  We came up with a solution for them.  With Listaso Lite you have a very simple and easy to use Android and iOS app that can be downloaded to any phone or tablet.

With Features like:

  • Full Product Catalog
  • Price Levels
  • Categories
  • Bluetooth Scanning
  • Customer Signature
  • Full Auto Sync
  • + Much More

You can have all your customer order at any time day or night from anywhere with just a few simple steps.  This will help expand your business by reducing travel expenses, overhead, customer reorder times and increase your customer satisfaction and overall sales.

Let us show you how your business can benefit from our Mobile Catalog Sales App and our Warehouse Management Mobile App

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