While doing Pre-Sales or DSD, order and transfer picking can be the most time consuming and delicate part of warehouse management.  While it may not seem that way, every order and transfer needs to be 100% accurate, 100% of the time.


In any typical warehouse, as orders are coming in, you would either have someone print out every single order that comes in one by one or have them print out a selected few.  You could also have them print out automatically as they come in. This way, the warehouse rep has a piece of paper that they have to go through while going down the warehouse aisles.  Hopefully this piece of paper has the location of each product at least.


While the example above is the most common one, it’s also the slowest and most error prone method.  Having to write down on a piece of paper any changes to the order, picked numbers, locations or any information.  Then, giving that piece of paper to someone else for them to re-check the initial order and modify it accordingly.  Lastly, create an invoice for the customer and hopefully have a manager in the warehouse that verifies the content of said invoice so the customer gets his order correct the first time.  This is too much unnecessary work.

Listaso’s Warehouse Management System provides an easy, fast and error free way to pick all your orders in seconds.


Approve orders as they come in or have them reach our inventory app immediately.  With no papers to print your warehouse reps will have: item locations, Bluetooth UPC barcode scanning, item pictures + much more! After picking the invoice is created automatically without any input from the office.  Everything from any iOS compatible mobile device!


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